This journey to fitness is all about trying as much as possible to see what really sticks – and once I find what works, then I can incorporate it into my life and continue on to my fitness goal and then, trumpets will sound, and I will be in maintenance phase.  I have not found my holy grail yet, but I’m getting closer.  In fact, I started crossfit, but two weeks into that, I hurt my back.  Fast forward to the doctor visit:

Doc: “Well, your posture is not good, and because of that, you are more susceptible to injury.  And your posture is not good because your core is not strong.”  Read: my FUPA , although so womanly and loyal, and the hardest part on any woman to rid, well, her time is up.  She has been there for me through it all, but doctor’s orders – she must be flattened.  I’ve been transparent on this fitness ride, because I know I’m not alone, and there’s no point in sugar coating any part of the trials and tribulations of getting fit.  That, and I think my skin is pretty thick having worked in entertainment long enough that if someone tells me my gut is soft, it doesn’t bother me at all.  And also, because he’s right.  Ultimate motivation.

Doc recommended that females should do circuit training- a combination of weight lifting alternating with short bursts of cardio, i.e. stair climbs, runs, jump rope.  He also suggested I do yoga and/or pilates at least two times per week.  He said if I absolutely have to do crossfit, then 3 times a week is the most I should do.

He also recommend I take the following supplements to help with athletic performance.

Fish oil with EPA greater than 800 and DHA greater than 400/day

Alpha Lipoic Acid  300 mg/day

COQ10  100 mg/day

It’s important to keep in mind that core is so much more than sit ups and crunches.  Here’s some workouts to work it from the inside out:

Core Workout from

Pilates core workout from

How to do a plank fro ModernMom

Funeral services for my FUPA will be held in 3-6 months.