Crossfit stats:

Calories burned:  Everyone does CrossFit at their own pace, so this will vary drastically from person to person.  As Ryan mentions in the video, anyone from Grandma to a line backer can do CrossFit.

Accessibility: CrossFit is growing in popularity by the day, so it’s likely that there is a CrossFit gym in your area.  It is pricey, but justified by the fact that you get real one-on-one training with a certified personal trainer with results that will blow your mind.  Sounds like I’m a saleswoman!  But it is true.  Once I try as much as possible, this is at the top of my list of what to do regularly.

Fun-0-meter: The energy in a CrossFit gym is so motivating.  The workout feels so good (well at least when you’re done!) that this is at an 8.8.


I’ve been curious about CrossFit for a while now, so I decided this week to check it out first hand.  Ryan Doyle of CrossFit Redondo showed me the ways of crossfit, and made me realize that not only is it an intense and hard core workout, it’s also an amazing community of healthy, fun and encouraging indivduals who help make for a productive and comfortable atmosphere.

As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with smiles and warmth.  And I thought it would be grizzly men throwing weights down and grunting!  Ryan showed us the workout options: The Helen or the Eva (basically the Helen x2).  This WOD – workout of the day – had us run 400 meters, do 21 kettlebells and 12 pull ups.  If you can’t do A pull up such as myself, there are straps to help give you that extra boost.  But you’re still doing a pull up and reaping the benefits…and shaking and sweating and grunting the entire time.

When I finished my first round, I actually thought for a second, wow that was great.  I’m good.  Until Ryan said, AND YOU’RE RUNNING! Oh yeah, I have to do this TWO MORE TIMES!  By the third round, I knew that my body had given everything it had, and that was a terrific feeling.

I left feeling healthy, supported, and even more motivated to continue this journey and maybe even try crossfit regularly!