So far on this journey I’ve:

Met amazing people who have offerred encouragement, insight, tips, advice, and expertise

Lost 4 pounds

Slowly begun to feel better


I’m still not where I want to be, and my momentum ebbs and flows.  So I’m stepping it up and vowing on camera to make the sacrifices that I need to make in order to truly get to where I want to be: HEALTHY AND FIT!

I’ve included part of the email from my incredible trainer Luke Sholl below.  Words to live by, my friends.

“Stay motivated with your diet and exercise. Let me know if I
can help in any way. Remember, the key to weight loss is creating a
calorie deficit. If you are expending more calories than you’re
consuming, you will lose weight. You can reasonably lose 1-2 pounds of
fat per week. If 1 pound of fat is 3,500 calories, all it takes is a
daily calorie deficit of 500 calories to lose 1 pound per week. This
500 calorie deficit can come through a combination of increased
activity/exercise and a tighter diet. Keep your metabolism up by
eating breakfast and small meals/snacks every 3 hours. This will help
eliminate cravings for sweets like ice cream by keeping your blood
sugar stable.

Know that you are in a weight loss phase. This is more difficult and
requires more sacrifice than a maintenance phase. So after a hike for
example, choose water or a fruit smoothie as opposed to the empty
calories in beer! (yes I saw that episode!) Once you have accomplished
your goal and are happy at that weight/size/whatever then you are in
maintenance mode which doesn’t require as much sacrifice. Knowing that
it gets easier in the near future should help you resist the current
dietary temptations.

In terms of daily motivation, it helps to remember this is your new
lifestyle. You are now the type of person who takes care of herself
everyday. You workout everyday. There is no negotiating or putting it
off til tomorrow. Everyday, just like you eat, sleep and brush your
teeth, you also exercise. There is time for it no matter what. It must
be something you look forward to. Each time you do it you feel
yourself improving and moving closer to the image of yourself (fitter,
healthier, happier) that you have visualized in your head. If you
really know this is where you are headed and can truly see it, then
you will become excited and that excitement leads to inspiration which
leads to consistency which leads to your goal.”