Hypnosis stats:

Calories burned: The effects of hypnosis vary greatly from person to person, and the idea of hypnosis isn’t for everyone.  For me, the hypnosis helped me to check myself when I came across tempting foods.  For that, it was worth it.  I didn’t benefit from the motivational part as much, but it was difficult for me to completely relax as I was consciously thinking about the camera, audio, etc.  Despite that, I did fall into a deep state, and felt very far away from reality, and immersed in what Lori was describing.  Definitely worth a try!

Accessibility: Anywhere! Lori actually does phone consultations if you’re not in the LA area.

Fun-o-meter:  The word “fun” doesn’t really fit here, so the score is more about experience, which is a 7

Hypnovator Lori Thomas brings her hypno skills to the FatNoMoSho.  Using relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques, she reaches deep into my brain to give me an anchor, which I can use anytime I crave sweets or am in need of motivation to get to the gym!