Bouncing stats:

Calories burned:  Sources say you can burn 800-1500 calories in 1-hour depending on your weight.

Accessibility:  This is still a pretty new idea, so it might be hard to find classes.  Check around your area to see, but what you can also do is order Kangoo boots online and do workouts in them via youtube, DVDs, or as some people do, use them for running!

Fun-0-meter: 8.  It makes you feel like a kid again!  I didn’t love how boots felt after a while, but I’m sure that can be adjusted as you use them more frequently.  Excellent workout, brings out pure joy and fitness.


Jayne Justice ( invited me to her Kangoo Jumps class on the Manhattan Beach Pier for a fun and extremely beneficial workout.  She discovered these space age boots through a friend, and although hesitant to try them on at first, she was hooked the instant she was able to jump.  I now know why.  As soon as you put these boots on you can hop around like a kid again.  Running becomes an activity that feels more like floating, and every workout movement feels better throughout your entire body.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of Kangoo blast:

Reduces the impact to the ground by 80%

Burns 25% more calories than regular training shoes

Corrects posture and aligns the body

Releases endorphins, mood enhancer and stress reliever

Work the lymphatic system, removing toxins

I had a blast at Kangoo Blast!  Visit for more information about the classes and the health and wellness services she provides.

Happy Bouncing!