Viewer stats:

Calories burned: THOUSANDS!  And growing every day!

Accessibility: Anyone can watch the FatNoMoSho, and use it for new ideas to workout, info on fitness and nutrition, and most importantly, MOTIVATION!  I’m putting myself out there to show that if I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

Fun-o-meter: This journey has been LIFE CHANGING so far.  Infinity.

This journey has been incredibly difficult but also so rewarding and eye-opening.  I’m down almost ten pounds and feel so much more vibrant and energetic. I’m about halfway to my goal, and  I still have more fat to burn, and much more to share.  When people tell me that this journey is helping to inspire and motivate them to be their best selves, it makes every bit of this vulnerable, self disclosing, scary, wonderful and sometimes painful process worth it.  So I wanted to take an episode to showcase some of your ways to workout.  I’d love to share more of these in the future, so feel free to send a video clip of how YOU workout to:  It doesn’t have to be long, even a minute is fine, and you can use your phone to make it even easier!

THANK YOU for taking the journey with me.  Let’s keep it up!