I’ve read varying reports on just how long it takes the mind and body to become accustomed to habit; so much so that it’s almost involuntary, and going a day without said habit feels, well, weird.  The habit I want to start is daily movement.  As I’ve admitted throughout this journey, I have MANY bad habits to break, and it takes time and patience.  I go through phases of awesomeness (working out regularly), which are then sometimes countered with life’s pitfalls that send me spinning back to my fat kid self.  I also become bored with the same workout, so an all encompassing ‘movement’ habit will include anything from an intense crossfit workout (doc -prescribed 3x/week), yoga (doc -prescribed 2x/week), some possible swimming, running, stand-up paddle boarding, and on days that I need to rest,  at least a stretch and mobilization.

I like this particular blog post, which averages the habit forming to 66 days, all contingent upon the habit itself, of course.  The study uses the example of 50 sit ups per day, which takes 66 days, and is closely aligned with my habit-to-be.  This challenge will be incredibly difficult for me, because when it comes to this fitness journey, I’m really good at starting something with more gusto than your college RA at a pep rally, then slowly coming to a screeching halt when any part of the routine is jilted by a trip, a visit, a change in gigs, or a couple of bad meals or drinks.  If I can just get it engrained in me as a habit, I won’t have to think about it, and can finally get to my ultimate fitness goal.  (So close! so.close.)

So, as old school as it gets, I’ve tacked up a piece of paper on my wall, titled it “66 day habit,” and every day I move, I mark it down.  Wanna try it?