Stand Up Paddleboarding Stats:

Calories burned:  For the average person, light, recreational paddling can burn up to 225 calories in an hour.

Accessibility: You can try stand up paddleboarding in lakes, streams, and anywhere you can rent or borrow a board on a body of water.

Fun-O-meter:  It’s pretty tough to get going at first, which can get frustrating.  Starting out is a 7, but once you’re on the board it shoots to 9.8

I’ve wanted to try stand up paddleboarding ever since moving to Los Angeles.  But it wasn’t until visiting friends in Hawaii that I finally got the chance.  Shane gave me a brief intro and I was off to try it, and failed, and failed again.  Until I found some steadier water, closer to shore, then I was up and cruising around the beach, getting a workout, sun, and enjoying the breeze.   I highly recommend it.  Happy paddling!