It seems to happen every time I get back into a healthy routine – SICKNESS. TRAVEL.  And in this case, it was both.

I was on the tail end of a highly successful sugar detox (more on that soon).  I was working out regularly – crossfit and yoga, and feeling really, really good.

Then it happened.

The scratchy throat.  The runny and stuffy nose.  The headache.  The weak muscles.  Fatigue.  I barely had enough energy to walk Pele.  So I took a few days to rest, trying not to feel frustrated that I was thrown off of my routine.  I took vitamins, drank tea and soups, lots of liquids, and just when I started to feel better, it was time to travel.

This travel included much celebration, and was in the midwest, so beer, wine, whiskey and meat were in order.  But something incredible happened.  Not only did I let myself enjoy the experience without worry/stress/resentment that I was out of my routine, but the fear that would have normally kicked in that I’ll never get back into my routine again, disappeared.  The fear was replaced with something new – something from all the mental work I’ve been doing along the way.  I had complete and total faith that I would get back into my routine, and continue on, because that is who I am now.  I didn’t beat myself up!  I didn’t get frustrated!  I just enjoyed myself, and now that I’m back, I took a day to recover, went to yoga, signed up for the next crossfit class, and planned out my week of workouts and grocery shopping.  Sure, my belly feels a little poofy and I’m a bit sluggish, but I’m ok.  And I’m moving forward in health and happiness.

And in the interest of prevention, here’s a great list of ways to boost your immune system from the Huffington Post (I especially like #9):

1. Sleep like a regular human being.
2. Eat more garlic.
3. Drink lemon, honey, ginger and turmeric with warm water.
4. Make a batch of chicken soup.
5. Make workouts a part of your weekly regimen.
6. Indulge in tea time.
7. Have yogurt for breakfast.
8. Soak up some sun.
9. Laugh a little (or
a lot).