Hiking Stats:

Calories burned (140lb person, 2 hours, hills and/or mountains): You burn 1000.17 calories!!!

Accessibility: High.  You don’t have to be near mountains to enjoy a hike.  Even if you live in an urban area, there is most likely a trail or park nearby.  You might surprise yourself!

Fun-O-Meter: 8.  This fluctuates with the following factors: weather, friends that join you, solitude and connecting with nature, injury (for example, whilst hiking in Big Sur I was going so fast downhill that I fell and scraped my hands on a sharp bush.  Still fun though), hydration, willingness to relieve oneself behind a bush (DO NOT USE poison ivy to wipe yourself!  It looks like this: 


Source: self.com


Here’s a link to epic trails worldwide: http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/trips/best-trails/worlds-best-grail-trails/ 

= Serious workout and spectacular views! Reaching over 1200 feet high, this is a great fitness test. Three years ago when I was out of shape, I had to take many breaks and was always out of breath, hating every minute. This time, during my journey to get fit and healthy, it felt good, invigorating, and freeing. And that is what it is about!!