Running Stats:

Calories burned (140lb person running 3 miles at a 12 min. mile pace): You burn 355.62 calories during 40 minutes of Running

Accessibility: Super high! You can run pretty much ANYWHERE and all you need are a decent pair of kicks, and a good supportive bra.  Optional items: mp3 player, or phone with apps such as Pandora and/or Endomondo–this app tracks your mileage and pace, and even gives you a vocal que at every mile mark.

Fun-o-Meter:  4 when first getting the hang of it.  I recommend the couch-to-5k podcast ( if you’re just starting out.  As your body adjusts, the fun meter gets up to a 7, and sometimes much more for many people.




Running a 5k is so fun.  The energy from your fellow runners and the crowd that gathers around the track gives you momentum you never had when running on your own!  There’s always treats and fun at the end of the race, medals and lots of happy, sweaty faces.  Just make sure you let your camera guy know how to use the gopro before you take off!