Bootcamp stats:

Calories burned: This really depends on weight and effort.  Bootcamps are great because you can push yourself, but also go at a pace that makes sense for you, while getting a full body workout

Accessibility:  If you’re in the LA area, NoHo is worth the trip for Cindy’s class.  Otherwise see if personal trainers in your area offer bootcamps either at the gyms, at parks, clubs etc.

Fun-o-Meter: 8.  Working out in a group is always a great time, especially when everyone has good energy.  We’re all there for the same thing–to be our best selves, so there’s always friendly, encouraging faces.  You can also challenge yourself by stepping up to the pace that someone else is doing and really putting your own abilities to the test. invited me to come to North Hollywood for some sweatin’ in the sun. I loved every panting minute of it! Check them out if you’re in the area, or google your own area’s bootcamp. You’ll be much more motivated when you get a workout and vitamin D at the same time!